用优先股筹资 Raising Capital with Preference Shares

💡想筹资的公司,想投资的您,其实有个 #双赢的方式#优先股 📊

🔸优先股如何在筹资过程中发挥作用? 🔸 How would preference shares be useful in fund raising process?

🔺拥有优先股的股东在公司赚取盈利时,获得公司承诺的定值股息(例如每年10%)。而拥有普通股的股东更注重公司未来的价值提升而造成的资本增值。 Preference shares pay out promised dividends (say 10% per annum) when the companies are profitable. In comparison, ordinary shares emphasize more on growth in the company’s future value which lead to capital appreciation.

🔺优先股可分为四类:累积,非累积,可赎回,不可赎回或可兑换。 不可赎回或可兑换 Preference shares fall under four categories: cumulative, non-cumulative, redeemable, irredeemable or convertibles.

🔺一般上,优先股的股东没有权力参与投票、控制或管理公司的运作,除非在投资的配套里注明了投票权和优先股拥有兑换的性质。 Normally, preferences shareholders do not have the right to participate in voting, management control or company operation unless the investment package is bundled with voting rights and convertible nature.

🔺如果公司赚取的利润高于预期,公司将会把承诺的回报先发给优先股的股东,之后,再分发股息给持有普通股的股东们。 If company makes higher profits than expected, ordinary shareholders will benefit from the excess profits as dividend upon settling their promised return to preference shareholders.

🔺 如果公司被清算,比起普通股的股东,优先股的股东将会先分取公司在解决清算费和债权人后的剩余资产。

In the event of liquidation, preference shareholders will have first right before ordinary shareholders to claim the assets after settling the liquidator’s fees and creditors.

🔺与普通股不同,优先股在所有私营公司中都不是强制性的。这项可选方案可以帮助企业主邀请投资者加入他们的业务。由于优先股的分配涉及更改公司章程和准备相关法律协议,公司的成本将被提高。因此,利用此方法筹集资金必须达到一定数目才更具经济效益。 Unlike ordinary shares, preference share is not compulsory in all private company. It’s an optional scheme that facilitate business owner to invite investor into their business. Allotment of preference share involves higher cost in altering the constitution and preparing relevant legal agreements. Therefore, it will only be more economically efficient if you are raising a substantial amount of funds.

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