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✔️估值–合作伙伴可能不清楚业务价值,导致他们不知道如何制定股份的入场价格或退出计划。因此,股东可能会过度注重短期获利而危害公司的长期增长。 Valuation – Partners may not aware of the business value therefore they do not know how to determine an entry price or exit plan for the share. Therefore, shareholders may have tunnel vision in short term profits which may jeopardize company’s long-term growth.

✔️分配基础–合作伙伴没有适当的分配基础或政策来确定所有合作伙伴的百分比。需知道分配标准通常参考股东间的注资比重、能力、在运营上的投入程度、决策权、管理目标完成度和薪酬等等。 Basis of allocation – Partners do not have a proper allocation basis or policies to decide the percentages of all partners. Common allocation basis include injected capital, partners’ capabilities, commitment in operation works, decision making rights, target results at management level and remuneration.

✔️邀请员工成为股东的时机–许多中小型企业喜欢出于激励目的向员工提供免费股票。但这在实践中似乎无效。员工若不同意公司的政策或对公司的方针感到不公平,他们将会刻意造成公司法定事项的延误或中断。在很多情况下,该公司的创始人必须付出更高的价格向员工回购股份。 Timing to invite staff as shareholders – A lot of SME like offering free shares to their staff for motivation purposes. However, it seems to be ineffective in practice as staff will cause delays or disruptions in company statutory matters if they feel unfair or does not agree on company’s directions. In many situations, founders have to later pay a higher price to buy back shares offered to the employee.

✔️发行股票让更多人投资–许多中小企业提供普通股以获取更多业务资本。他们热衷于以较小的份额出售股票,预想会有更多的投资者购买股票。这将提高维持投资者关系的成本及增加公司必须投入的时间,从而导致其日常运营受到干扰或延迟。此外,如果该计划涉及过多的投资者或保证回报的承诺,公司可能会违反中央银行的非法存款规则。 Offer share for monetary investment – A lot of SMEs offer ordinary shares in order to raise more capital to put into business. They are keen to offer share in smaller lots, assuming more investors will buy their shares. This will lead to greater cost and time spent on maintaining so many investors and cause disruption or delays in their day-to-day operation. Furthermore, if the scheme involve too many investors or promises in guaranteed return, the directors may be violating the deposit taking rule set by the central bank.

✔️期望差距–大部分中小企业偏向不制定协议。企业可能没有太多预算来聘请律师或顾问来解释财务的技术术语。业务计划中若加上一份假设乐观及悲观两种情况的简单现金流预测可让创始人和投资者大致了解其他人对合伙企业的期望为何。 Expectation gap –Most SMEs do not bother to write up an agreement. Businesses may not have so much budget in hiring lawyers or consultant to explain the technical terminologies of the financials. A simple cash flow forecast in the business plan, assuming both positive and pessimistic scenarios, will allow founders and investors to understand what everyone expects from the partnership.

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