Things You Need to Know About Tax Advisory Services in Malaysia

Automation and technology are increasingly commodifying tax advisory services, leaving advisory services as a must-seize opportunity for all accounting firms; beginning with tax. 

The Facts of Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT)

RPGT is administered by Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRBM) on the chargeable gain or profit through the disposal of real property. In other way, it is payable by the disposer of real property when the disposal price is higher than that of the acquisition. 

What’s normally included in a Shareholders’ Agreement?

A shareholder agreement is a contract between parties of a business which governs and regulates the relationship between shareholders.

Private Company vs Public Company

The most common way to differentiate a private company from public company is by their company name. The name of a private company must end with “Sdn. Bhd.” while a public company name will end with “Bhd”. Most of the public companies will be publicly listed on stock exchange, and these companies are known as public listed companies.

Importance of Maintaining Business Accounting Records in Malaysia

Do you maintain your account records? Did you know that it's extremely important to keep your account records straight? Surprisingly, the general public remains unaware of this simple fact. All business owners irrespective of their turnovers should adopt a habit of retaining a regular record of accounts. Why so, you ask? Well, looking at the overall result of the business, there are few notable benefits of keeping a proper accounting record. But if you are unable to maintain your account records, some organizations provide account services in Malaysia, Bispoint being one of them.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Business Advisory Service in Malaysia

With our business advisory services in Malaysia, we help you by giving financial advice when you require it the most. Advisory specialists are experienced individuals with expertise in the fields of finance, accounting, and business. There are numerous benefits of business advisory services and we have listed a few here

MCO 3.0 - Districts in Selangor & Travel Approval / Consent Letter

Based on the announcement given by our Senior Minister for Security and Minister of Defence, Ismail Sabri Yaakob on 4th May 2021, 6 districts in Selangor will be under MCO and 3 districts under Selangor will be under CMCO from 06.05.2021 to 17.05.2021.


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